Will and Trust Preparation in Tucson

Whether it be a Living Will, Power of Attorney, Beneficiary Deed, Last Will and Testament, Living Trust, or some combination of documents, Hoyt and Associates can help you understand what is involved in planning how you leave your estate and prepare the proper documents for your peace of mind. And we strive to do so at a price you can afford. However, Estate Planning Documents are not one-size-fits-all. What may be the best solution for one person, may not be what another person would choose, and, as a result, prices will vary depending on the documents and packages you select. We offer a free, no obligation consultation to present various options. Our goal is not just to provide our clients with documents, but to help you learn what is involved with each document so you can decide which options are best for you and your family.

Last Will and Testament

A Will is a document under which a Will maker, or testator, states his or her intentions regarding the persons or organizations who will receive the testator’s  property, and the person or organization who will carry out the their wishes.

It generally WILL go through probate if other arrangements are not made to transfer assets upon death. Contact us at any time to discuss what other documents can be done in conjunction with a will to avoid probate.

What a Will Does

Most people use a will to leave instructions about what should happen to their property after they die.  However, you can also use a will to:

Our price to prepare a Last Will and Testament is $300.00. This may be combined with other documents to receive a discounted package rate. Call for details!

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Medical Directive package $250.00 each (prices vary). Includes the following:

Durable Health Care Power of Attorney and Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney:

These are documents that allow you to appoint a person (or persons) to make future health care decisions and mental health care decisions for you if you become incapable of making those decisions for yourself. They allow you to specify what type of care you want in various circumstances.

Living Will:

What is a Living Will? Despite its name, it isn’t at all like the wills that people use to leave property upon their death. A living will, also called a directive to physicians or advance directive, is a document that lets people state their wishes for end-of-life medical care, in case they become unable to communicate their decisions. It has no power after death. It often works in conjunction with a Health Care Power of Attorney.

If you’re helping someone with their estate planning (or doing your own), don’t overlook a living will. It can give invaluable guidance to family members and health care professionals if a person can’t express his or her wishes. Without a document expressing those wishes, family members and doctors are left to guess what a seriously ill person would prefer in terms of treatment. They may end up in painful disputes, which occasionally make it all the way to a courtroom.

A Living Will allows you to indicate your wishes concerning the withdrawal or withholding of life-sustaining procedures if you are in a terminal condition with no hope of recovery or are permanently unconscious. You decide what you want and how you want it, then chose a person or persons to see to it that these wishes are carried out.  Your doctor should have a copy as well as any family members that may be called on to give consent.

Final Disposition Authorization and Instructions:

This document provides a place for you to leave instructions as to how you would like your remains cared for and any instructions for your funeral or other arrangements.

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Durable Power of Attorney $250 each

This document allows you to appoint someone to handle various financial documents and transactions. It can be made effective immediately or upon your incapacity.

Our price to prepare a Durable Power of Attorney is $250.00. This may be combined with other documents to receive a discounted package rate. Call for details!

Beneficiary Deed

A Beneficiary Deed can be used in Arizona to leave your home, or other real property directly to anyone you choose upon your death and thereby avoid having that property be subject to the probate process. This document can be revoked at any time prior to your death. In some circumstances it may be the simplest way to pass your most important and valuable asset on to your loved ones.

Our price to prepare a Beneficiary Deed is $200 (does not include recording fee). This may be combined with other documents to receive a discounted package rate. Call for details!

Revocable Living Trust

A Living Trust is a legal document created by you (the grantor) during your lifetime. Just like a will, a living trust spells out exactly what your desires are with regard to your assets, your dependents, and your heirs. The big difference is that a will becomes effective only after you die and your will has been entered into probate. A living trust bypasses the costly and time-consuming process of probate, enabling your successor trustee (who fills basically the same role as an executor of a will) to carry out your instructions as documented in your living trust at your death. The Living Trust is often viewed as a better alternative to the will. Some of the perceived advantages are privacy, reduced or no probate cost, and management of assets. The Living Trust generally DOES NOT require any court action! Your heirs have immediate access to your estate after your death to pay bills and distribute your assets as you want them to be distributed. You DO NOT lose control of your estate in any way. You can handle your affairs the same way you always did. All you need to do is keep your Trust updated!

Living Trust packages come in a variety of types and with multiple options, especially for a couple looking to establish a joint trust. Our price to setup a Living Trust package varies depending on the circumstances and type of trust and supporting documents chosen. There is no cost for a consultation to discuss your options and give you pricing on all of the options and packages available.

To get started with the many benefits a Living Trust can provide contact us today for an appointment. We are not attorneys & cannot provide you with legal advice or representation. No information contained on this website or received from Hoyt & Associates, LLC should be considered legal advice in any way. If you need or want legal advice please consult an attorney.