Hoyt and Associates, LLC can assist you with Paternity and Grand Parent Visitation Documents.


visitation documents
A paternity action is used when a child is born out of wedlock and issues such as custody, visitation, child support, and listing the father on the child’s birth certificate needs to be addressed. We can prepare all the required documents for you and file them with the court to get the process started. We also can arrange for serving on the other party and keep track of court timelines and when additional documents need to be filed. Contact us today to get the process started on your Paternity documents in Tucson.

Our Price to prepare Paternity documents is $400.00*

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Grandparent Visitation Documents

Of course you love your grandchildren – and you want to be able to share in their lives. But in some cases special documents are needed to insure your visitation rights. Arizona has created statutes to govern the visitation rights of grandparents and certain other nonparents, such as foster parents, caregivers or stepparents. These visitation laws grant grandparents and these nonparents the legal right to visit a child. Our familiarity with the Arizona law and the general information we can provide relating to grandparent visitation can help you understand the nature and extent of your rights. We will assist you in obtaining visitation rights.

Our Price to prepare Grandparent Visitation documents start at $400.00*

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*Prices do not include court fees, serving fees, credit reports, or publishing which will vary according to case

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